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  • Image: The Ladins in the Badia Valley
  • Image: The Ladins in the Badia Valley
  • Image: The Ladins in the Badia Valley

Ladin is a language spoken in the Dolomites

The Ladins, the people of the Dolomites

San Cassiano and Alta Badia are a Ladin-speaking region within South Tyrol. The Ladin language (lingaz ladin) is spoken by approximately 30.000 people in the Dolomites, in the five valleys arount the Sella Group: Val Badia, Val Gardena (Gherdëina), Val di Fassa (Fascia), Livinallongo (Fodom) and Cortina d'Ampezzo (Anpezo).

Ladin is part of the Rhaeto-Romance languages, together with Romansh (rumantsch) in Switzerland and Friulian (furlan) in Friuli. It derives from the vulgar Latin (latinus>ladin) spoken in the Alpine region, which was influenced by the previous Celtic and Rhaetic languages, as well as by the successive Tyrolean Germanic dialects. The ancient language survive only in a few words (barantl – stone pine, dascia – leafy branch, roa - landslide, crëp - mountain, aisciöda – spring, nida - buttermilk, liösa – sled, dlasena – blueberry) and some placenames (Börz, Mareo, Rina).

Every year dozens of books are published in the Ladin language. Ladin boasts a weekly newspaper (La Usc di Ladins), a radio station and various tv programmes in local tv stations. The Museum Ladin Ciastel de Tor is the perfect place to discover the history, culture and language of the Ladin people.
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